About J. Michael McBride


Our basic philosophy is to extricate our client from bankruptcy proceedings at the earliest possible opportunity. Bankruptcy and litigation are expensive to all parties, and if the proceeding remains active there can be no winner. We are concerned that clients obtain a large return on their investment in our services, but these returns can diminish the longer a case remains active. So, we strive to obtain the best possible result in as little time as possible to maximize the net benefit to our client.


We strive to make the best deal for our clients as quickly as possible. In dealing with opposing counsel, we are not initially confrontational as that only increases the cost to our client, but we are aggressive within the bounds of the law in representing our clients.

We initially conduct a cost-benefit analysis of our client’s position, and based on that evaluation we make recommendations as to the most cost effective and efficient course for our client to take. We then execute the plan based on our client’s wishes.